RADIUS 3 - comic book

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comic book 
"radius - rEFLECTION"

  • volume 3 (/ 4)
  • 136 pages: 129 pages story + bonus 
  • softcover: 17x24cm
  • full color
  • englisch 

WHat is it about?

After his encounter with the rebel, Tom notices a change in himself that he must keep secret at all costs. It seems that the organic augmentation has somehow fused with him. Determined and undeterred, he sets out alone into the unknown in search of answers to his questions. But wherever Tom goes, trouble follows. However, his best friend Tank senses that Tom is getting himself into trouble again, so he isn't about to let him face it alone and accompanies him. Together, they embark on an unauthorized mission to find a way to save Akraia and, with her, the source. Venturing deep into enemy territory, they uncover unsettling truths about the rebels' true intentions and run the risk of discovering things they may never return from...