XBORGs is a sequel story. 
The action takes place 10 years

 after the end of the main arc. 

A new generation of rebels is born. And they have much crueler intentions then their ancestors...






The idea of the XBORGS project came to my mind many years ago. While the main Radius story and universe grew I realized I could not include all of my plotideas into one single story so this is how I came up with the idea to create a continuation.

At the moment the story of the XBORGS is still in development. The short trailer was made as a teaser to provide some insights of the look and what it will be about. More about that development is descirbed in the artbook.

This trailer was also part of my bachelor degree exam in college. The main focus lied on creating a short animatic but I also invested a lot of time into the visual development. I had an amount of 3 months to finish that project so that forced me to keep it short.

Therefore I chose to combine concept art and illustrations and still make them animatiable. I wanted to fill it with so much cyberpunk aesthetics as possible since this genre is my most favourite and I adore neon colors on dark grounds!

My friend Andrej was entirely responsible for the sound, music and voice over and I’m still overwhelmed by that amazing composition! 


I enjoyed working on that project a lot since worldbuilding is my absolute favorite thing besides storytelling! I spent a lot of time developing the idea and created a book about it!

In there I document the whole process and the visual development of that project, including concept art and character designs. It also provides insights into my design process, storyboards and color theories concerning that project. 

In there you can learn much more about the post-era of the RADIUS universe and its characters...and why they are called XBORGS!

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