Dust Patrol was a very short side comic-project I did in 2017.

It was based on a visual development project I did for my portfolio then applying to college (2015). 

The story was set on the post-apocalyptic Earth that was turned into a desert after a climate catatsrophe. The survived people lived under the earth in bunkers and only a brave "gang" that was called "Dust Patrol" went outside to search for resources. But the surface of the Earth was already occupied by some mysterious spirits who didn't want to share the remaining goods...

The plot was rather simple because I wanted to focus more on the worldbuilding. My main goal was to create some sort of an end-time gang with strong desert/space pirates vibes. Disney's Treasure Planet and Mad Max: Fury Road were my main inspirations for that. 

So the comic was an atempt to create a smal teaser for that project but after finishing it I somehow didn't continue working on it. I hope to find my way back to it one day because I really miss the characters! 


Caleb is the leader of the gang but he never asked for that role and he also doesn't really like it. His strong sense of justice and responsibility, as well as his courage and endurance brought him that position, but he is actually a very calm guy and a true introvert.

After a bad encounter with one of the spirits he discovered a special bond with those creatures and uncomfortable visions sometimes haunt him at night...


She is a fearless fighter and enjoys adrenalin rushes.

Besides that, she is Caleb's right hand.


He lived in a bunker-colony that forced their criminals to go on the surface in order to search for resources. Due to his shady past, Kyrill was not an exception. Until "Dust Patrol" found him and rescued him after a spirit's attack...