The story takes place on a splitted planet which is held together by a mysterious energy source. The splitting also reflects in the population: a civil war occurred between both halves. After a lab accident in the southern half Avon, “the virus” was set free and caused a fatal mutation in the population. But the few survivors gained a new ability which allowed them to become cyborgs. With their new powers, they attacked the northern planet half Nova to take revenge for the decades of merciless supression.

Tom - is a young officer of the Hellhounds - a military elite team that was formed and specialized in the fight against the rebels. During a mission, he felt a strange attraction to a rebel and they realized that they share certain powers that could end the war …

Not only it is unconscionable for Tom to collaborate with the enemy but they are also the only ones who can save the energy source which is about to expire if the war continues…

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radius books (main arc)

Radius: rebellion

Volume 1

The raging civil war got a new turning point: the rebels attacked a novinian border control base and are very close to attack Nova. 
The Alpha squad of the Hellhounds was dispatched to prevent their further infiltration. But during the fight, Tom suddenly felt a strange attraction to his enemy which nearly endangered the whole mission...

release date: 23.04.2019

Radius: Revelation

Volume 2

While the civil war continues with new ignitions, a much heavier disaster is coming closer: the rebels plan not only to infiltrate Nova, but also want to destroy the energy source to make organic life impossible. The Hellhounds Alpha team takes all the risks to protect the source. Little do they know that they have a traitor in their unit who collaborates with the rebels and have already warned the enemy about the Hellhound’s intentions…

release date: 21.03.2020

Radius: reflection

Volume 3

coming soon

Release Date: 2022

Radius:   redemption

Volume 4 (final)

coming soon

Release Date: 

Tom Ravens


As the commander of the alpha squad, Tom is also the protagonist of the story. His stubborn and impulsive attitude often leads to conflicts with his allies but also makes him very determined to achieve his goals.

Tristan "Tank" Cantos


good looking, cool, charming, funny, hot, talented, a pureblood-noble… Tank is all of that and more - and he is Tom's best friend. He loves his job but what he loves more are girls, parties and good drinks. Allthough he is the total opposite of Tom - these differences turn them into a dream team and ture brothers in arms. But underneath his easy-going attitude Tank hides some secrets... 

Alec "Surfer" StewArd


Surfer is literally the brain of the squad. As an excellent technician he can fix any kind of devices. His sharp mind also turns him into a skilled hacker who can overcome any firewalls and locks. In his spare time Surfer often constructs new drones or writes softwares just for fun. But his biggest talent reveals also his weak points: he rather communicate with computers than with humans. Sadly it causes certain problems in his relationship with his comrades

Buster "Buz" spencer


Buster is a prime example of a Hellhound - loyal, determined, strong, brave and an excellent marksman. A traumatic past led to the decision to become a soldier and protect his home from the rebels - because once they took away his dearest and he knows how it feels to lose it all. And definitely he won’t let that happen again - so that is what it is worth fighting for!

sharon kingston


being the only woman in a hellhound squad is as tough as it sounds. But Sharon got used to it and kicks rebel asses even more precisely than her teammates since she is the sniper of the squad. Originally she studied medicine and dreamed of becoming a military medic. Anyway she still continues to fix the woe woes of her comrades and turns into their personal nurse from time to time



nobody really knows anything about her. Due to her mutation, she seems to be a former lab experiment - but who would ever experiment on a living human?! Anyway...better don’t ask, since she was initially designed to become an organic killer machine ...


Lionna is one of the rebels leaders and the right hand of the Master because she appreciates her the most for her loyalty. She is a fearless and merciless leader and if there is one thing she hates more than the nobles - than it is the Hellhound’s alpha team with its stubborn commander who always gets into the way of her evil plans...



There is not much known about his personality - one knows only that he is merciless and silent assassin and Lionna's most faithful servant



He is the colonel of the alpha squad. Even if he acts like a strict officer who only follows the orders from above, he cares much for his team. Maybe even too much. But he managed to hide his emotion very well beneath his cold attitude. One of his secret talents is to pretend that he doesn't even notice whenever his team brakes certain regulations to match their plans….sometimes he is more like a father than a boss to the whole team.


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