o  v  e  r  l  o  ar  d


Overloard is set in a dystopian future that is ruled by an omniscient AI. But the people don't know about that. They think they live a normal life - but they don't know that they exist only to serve the machines...as batteries. 

Until one day a random boy from the slum hacked one of those machines and discovered the truth he was not allowed to know...

One day I woke up and suddenly came up with the idea for the story. I wrote it down in one day and drew the concepts on the next day. The next week I spent drawing a short comic to visualize the atmosphere.

But afterwards, the passion and motivation to continuing the story left me as fast as it come. I hope it will come back to me one day so I can pick up the development of that project. But for now I just keep it in my memory and share some concepts here. 

COMIC teaser