A collection of short (sketch) comic strips and scenes
about my original characters. Sometimes they are dark and serious and sometimes just funny and nonsense


Of course the alpha squad is the most serious and most competent team of the Hellhound unit - but between missions when the boys hang out at the HQ waiting for new orders, they can get very bored and turn into what they really are: silly jerks - ruled by the jesterking himself: Tank! (And it seems like he spotted Tom’s weak side - especially because Tom hates if someone approaches from left or touches the eyepatch ) 


If the RADIUS prequel arc would be a netflix series, this would be the opening scene.
I wanted to try out a different style and create a comic out of fake screenshots.

context: the rebels attacked a small town in Avon. Therefore the Hellhounds were dispached for a reconaissance mission. But during their researches, Tom discovered a few facts about this town that suddenly turn that place into something very special for him...

SW-rpg: goodbye

short comic based on a Star Wars story I'm writing with my friend, partly based on the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.
(it also became some sort of an AU-Story for some of my RADIUS OCs)